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What To Expect Before You Invest

To invest in this offering you will pledge an amount to invest, then fund your transaction. Once your TX ID status is marked as Funded, you'll sign a subscription agreement to complete the sale.

Once completed sales have met the minimum offering amount, funds from completed sales will be disbursed to the issuer and may not be cancelled by the investor. 

Raised to Date
12 Investors Interested

Issue Type:
Convertible Note
Accredited Only:
Reviewed Financials:
Reviewed By:
Jason M. Tyra CPA PLLC
Price per Unit:
Minimum Investment:
Minimum Goal:
Target Goal:
Requested Investment:
Additional Investments:
Maximum Goal:
Raise Start Date:
January 16th, 2023
Raise End Date:
January 12th, 2024
Raise Target Date:
April 30th, 2023

Partnerships for Success

PursuitAlert Digital Siren just partnered with a national law enforcement foundation to raise funds in targeted local communities to provide this technology and annual service to local law enforcement agencies.  Once processes are in place they have an aggressive goal of 50,000 vehicles equipped in 36 months!" We also have a mutual non-disclosure agreement in place with a very large player in the automotive software space. Hopefully, more details can be shared in the coming months.

Case Study

Mobile, AL

The Mobile Police Department is equipped to alert drivers of a pursuit in progress. With the push of a button, our police officers can use a mobile system to warn drivers within two miles of a pursuit or another possible danger on the roadway. The mobile app is called DigitalSiren by PursuitAlert and it's free to download. 

Using the technology, the Mobile Police Department can keep innocent bystanders out of harm's way. When the chase of the fleeing suspect begins, drivers with the app are immediately notified. This allows them to know what's coming before it gets there. 

According to research by PursuitAlert, more people are killed each year from high-speed police pursuits than from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightening combined. Because of that alarming number, the Mobile Police Department invested in technology that would keep the citizens of Mobile safer while driving. 

Customer Testimonials and Press

Sheriff Sam Cochran, Mobile County Alabama Sheriff: " I think this product will be the next biggest thing for law enforcement since the taser“

News stories have been aired about this technology in numerous markets, including Dayton, OH, St Loius, Dallas, Phoenix, Greenville, SC, Albuquerque, San Antonio, New Zealand, UK Daily Mail, NexStar TV network, and various other locations.